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Busy to Boss Podcast

May 22, 2023

As we get to the halfway point of the year, this is a great time to ask yourself: Are you aligned? Are you where you want to be?

What are the next 6 months going to create? Who are you going to be in 6 months from now?

What have you done to move towards your goals?

And I mean your big BIG picture goals - how much time have you spent on those this year?

Or has it been another 5 months of going through the motions telling yourself the same story.

Because you deserve to go after your big picture goals and you get to choose to prioritise them.

 If this is lighting a fire in you right now, I need you to come to Day 1 of the Abundant Action challenge LIVE on Instagram at 12pm BST because we are going to go deep into:

  • How you should be allocating your time
  • Why not all tasks are created qual
  • And you should be asking the question: what would the BOSS version of you do?

Ready to make the shift from busy to boss? You will on day one.


All replays are available so even if you're listening later on in May, you can still sign up and catch up!