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Blog It Boss It Radio

Oct 23, 2020

Today’s talking point:


Here's a question that I know you've asked yourself: 


What is the secret formula to actually creating free content that sells? 


Well, you are going to love this episode because I am about to show you exactly how to turn free content into cash flow. 


Bring a notebook and pull out your...

Oct 16, 2020

Today’s talking point:


I recently had a launch for The Busy to Boss Academy, and I had a conversation with someone who was on the fence about applying who said: “I've invested in all of these programs, all of these courses, I'm listening to all of these podcast episodes, I'm watching all of these YouTube videos,...

Oct 2, 2020

Today’s talking point:


Did you know that there's a huge myth going around our industry, and if you believe it, you could be leaving money on the table? (Hint: make your business work for you, not the other way around)


Now, I know it seems crazy, because we are so used to hearing how we are supposed to work, work,...

Sep 25, 2020

Today’s talking point:


So you took a leap & handed over a chunk of money to sign up for a program that promises you XYZ to improve your business, or systems, or lifestyle. Maybe your finger is hovering over another online program that you've been eyeing up, and you're not sure what happens after you confirm your...

Sep 18, 2020

Today’s talking point:


We live in a time where you feel expected to always take action and implement. With technology so available, we are never without  social media, to-do lists, and emails dinging all day long. It's easy to take on the “go go go” mentality, and think the only way to stay afloat is to...