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Busy to Boss Podcast

Jan 21, 2022

Today’s talking point:

Let’s kick off 2022 with a bang with my five industry predictions for this year. These predictions are big and game-changing. From the big shift that’s happening in the online coaching space to the importance and rise of being original, this episode will keep things in gear for you so that...

Jan 14, 2022

Today’s talking point:

Do you feel like you should have all your plans ready to take action on January 1? It's overwhelming at this time of year - so most of us either end up hiding away and avoiding everything completely, or we try and go full force but end up feeling overwhelmed and burnt out before the year has...

Dec 17, 2021

Today’s talking point:

Too often we don't take time to sit and reflect on the wins and challenges we've faced. The end of a year is the perfect time to take stock and in this episode, I'm walking you through 4-step process for a meaningful end of year reflection. I'll also share some personal wins and challenges with...

Dec 3, 2021

Today’s talking point:

In this episode, I am joined by Amanda from Bookish Bakes, a wonderful baking subscription box inspired by books. Amanda is a member of the Busy to Boss Academy and she joins me to share her story from baking and blogging as a hobby through to taking the leap into starting a new business. 

Nov 26, 2021

Today’s talking point:

In the lead-up to Christmas, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed or stressed. There seems like there's so much to do to fulfil Christmas orders or prepare for time off. Today, I want to share some questions and a very simple exercise I do every time I start to feel like everything is just...