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Busy to Boss Podcast

Dec 23, 2022

Today's talking point:

I used to think there was no need for something fluffy like a 'vision' in my business – I just needed more clients. For the longest time, I didn't think I needed to know what that would look like. But then I struggled with decision-making because I had no idea where my decisions were leading me....

Dec 16, 2022

Today's talking point:

It's that time of year: let's reflect on 2022. Today, I want to walk you through a simplified end-of-year review and share my thoughts and reflections with you. We're going to go through the process of reviewing our growth and goals and looking forward to the year ahead. 

Get ready to boss...

Dec 9, 2022

Today's talking point: 

Emma from Eldenwood Craft shares her journey from finding sewing to building a business from her hobby. We discuss how she's seen massive growth, what it's like to go viral and how the systems she's put in place will help as she scales her business. 

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Dec 2, 2022

Today's talking point: 

Goldie Moran joins me to share her journey from employment to building a design and illustration business that has allowed her greater freedom in her everyday life, from walking to singing. We talk about how the business evolved after Goldie was made redundant and the way her work has changed...

Nov 25, 2022

Today's talking point:

Today I'm taking you behind the scenes of my business and the strategies I use to sustain consistent income months, without burning out. We'll be looking at the breakdown of my August income and the revenue streams that work for my business. This is all about focusing on the long game and sharing...