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Busy to Boss Podcast

Dec 8, 2023

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Here is the number one reason so many business owners fail to achieve their goals…


They don't have a plan that keeps them focused in implementation mode. 


As an entrepreneur, that translates into forgetting to promote your offers, forgetting to stay consistent in marketing, forgetting to prioritise making sales… and then you find yourself trapped again in that feast or famine cycle. 


Or maybe you let your schedule just get so completely out of control, trying to juggle all the things that you realise you haven't had any time off in months.


Or maybe you find yourself constantly trying out new things, constantly chasing the dopamine hit, going after the next shiny object, and in turn, wasting tons of time, energy, and money instead of doubling down on what actually works for you in your business. 


In our final part of the Your 2024 Gameplan series, we're taking all the insights from this past 4 weeks in this series and turning it into your 12 month gameplan for 2024.


Let’s dive in.


Coach Holly

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