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Busy to Boss Podcast

Dec 1, 2023

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I want to start off today with two words for you: GOAL SETTING.


It seems like an easy enough process. You write a goal down on a sticky note. You put it on your wall so that you can look at it every single day and be inspired about what you're working towards. 


But then five months later, that sticky note has gone missing. It is lost in the shuffle. You have no idea what direction your business is going in. 




This is one of the reasons that goal setting is often a practice that does not work for most people. We tend to only do it once a year and then completely forget about it. 


That's why in part four of the Your 2024 Gameplan series, we are going to approach goal setting differently, so that you can create goals you'll actually follow through on.


Let’s dive in.


Coach Holly

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