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Busy to Boss Podcast

Jun 30, 2023

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This is a very special (and vulnerable) episode to mark the middle of the year… I am going to be taking you behind-the-scenes of my very own mid-year review.


The reason I wanted to do this is because yes, business is strategic and I want to show you the strategy and techniques in terms of what 6 months can look like for a business and a business owner.


But we’re all also navigating being human.


It can be really hard when we’re watching everyone’s highlight reel on Instagram and we don’t feel like we’re matching up to the mark.


I know that so many of my clients have experienced this this year and I have too - imposter syndrome creeps in, doubt creeps in and we feel so utterly rubbish about ourselves.

And the truth is this: things can change and change and change again… which is essentially the premise of what this episode is about.

Come with me as I walk you through the year so far: the good, the bad and everything in between.

For each month I’ll be sharing:

  • A personal update

  • A business update

  • My summary/lessons from the month

Then I’ll be wrapping up the episode with a quick overview of what’s coming next.

I didn’t think I’d ever share something like this but after I did my own mid-year review I just knew that sharing this would help SO you so much.

I really hope it lands with you the way that I intend it to.

If you haven’t done a deep dive into your mid-year review & it’s something you want to prioritise, click here to download the mid-year review workbook where I walk you through the process. 


Coach Holly

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