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Busy to Boss Podcast

Apr 25, 2024

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Do you have a deep knowing that you’re meant for more? Maybe you know it’s time to expand your capacity or that you’re bumping into an upper limit right now.


I’m going to talk to you about what all that means and use my own experience to share the 3 biggest things I shifted, so you can get some inspiration and advice for what you can do to start to expand your capacity so that you can grow, get out of that plateau and avoid burnout.


We will chat through:

  • What my plateau looked like when I first started my business 

  • The biggest places where I see all business owners get stuck (and what to do if this happens to you)

  • Why it’s so powerful to pause (and why so many of us don’t do this)

  • The importance of connecting with yourself and understanding what your brain is doing

  • Why you need to prioritise discomfort every single day

  • How I changed my identity as a coach to help me deliver even better results for my clients


I came at this episode from a different perspective than I originally anticipated so I hope this resonates with you!


Coach Holly

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