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Busy to Boss Podcast

Sep 29, 2023

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Today’s topic is a little bit personal…

This won’t come as a big surprise to you, but sometimes I can be TOO strategic - I like lists, I like things to be in a certain order and I like to just follow the plan. 

So this means I love plans, I love color coding, I am just a really extreme type A person… so incorporating fun and going off script can feel super awkward and stressful for me.

My mindset coach is always reminding me that because I’m so logical I forget to believe in magic and so I thought this would be a great conversation for us to have as we wrap up Q3 and head into the last quarter of the year. 

Because when I do infuse fun and magic and playfulness, that’s when I usually have the biggest breakthroughs and I hope that you can too. 

Here’s the lowdown of what we’re going to cover:

- My personal experience with infusing more fun and magic into my business

- Some journal prompts to help you start to implement this

- A few tangible action steps for you to round this up (because I know you love those!)

I truly believe in having a plan. And for you to be in business for the long-term you need to make sure that you love what you're doing and that you’re loving the everyday activities you’re doing too.

For me, the long game means enjoying what you do, infusing fun and magic into your business, and also really thinking about how do you want to live first and then work your business around that.

I would LOVE for you to share with me how can you incorporate more fun into the work you are doing - head over to Instagram, pop me a message and let me know.

I think you'll be surprised with how motivating it can be to help you get the results that you have been dreaming of. 

Coach Holly

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