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Busy to Boss Podcast

Jan 13, 2023

After listening to this episode, you will never struggle with setting goals again. I promise.

It’s 2023. It’s a new year. You might have all your goals laid out, you might not have set any, or you might be somewhere inbetween.

The route I want to take in this episode is to prepare you. Whether you’re coming back from a break and looking at your 2023 goals with a fresh set of eyes or you’re setting them now and want some guidance, we’re going to talk about what we do WRONG when we plan for a new year. 

I’m sure you’ve gathered that I talk to a lot of people about their dreams and their goals - it’s a huge part of my job! 

I see a lot of the same things happen when it comes to people not achieving their goals and it’s usually down to them doing more or more of these 6 things that I’m going to walk you through in this episode. 

I hope you love it!


Coach Holly


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