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Busy to Boss Podcast

Nov 10, 2023

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Boss - we are in the home stretch of 2023 which means the Christmas season is just around the corner. For us business owners though, we are already thinking ahead to our big dreams for the new year. 


So before you make those plans thought and start scribbling out your goals for 2024 over your morning coffee or your festive cocktail, it's important that you don't just look ahead, but that you also take some time to reflect on your progress this past year in your business. 


I know that the last few years have been a challenge and so many of us just want to move forward and to have that fresh start already so we can stay focused on those big dreams, big goals, big plans. 


But one of the reasons that so many business owners don't reach their goals is they come up against the same obstacles again and again that cause them to work harder than needed in order to break through to that next level of success in their business.


That is why I'm so excited because starting today, I'm going to share with you a 5 part series called Your 2024 Gameplan. 


Over the next 5 episodes, we’re not only going to walk through the same strategic planning process that I personally have used for nearly a decade - but that I have also been sharing with hundreds of women entrepreneurs to help them create a solid and strategic action plan for the year ahead. 


By the end of these five short episodes, you'll walk away with a 12 month gameplan that breaks down exactly what you need to be promoting in your business, what you need to be marketing, and what you need to be selling in order to have the profits that you're looking for each and every month. 


It's time to turn those big business dreams into a profitable reality. 


I hope you are so excited!


Let’s dive into part one.


Coach Holly

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