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Busy to Boss Podcast

Jun 13, 2024

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Here's all the info you need about The FOCUS Experience!


Welcome back to the podcast! We’re continuing our series around running your business on an operating system so you can generate more sales and visibility in less time.


So far, we’ve talked about where The FOCUS method can take you, what’s currently holding you back from building the business and life you want, and today - we’re going to dive into proven strategies to create a full booked business on repeat.


As a mentor, I am BIG on implementation. 


Because being fully booked once is one thing. But sustaining it from there is the biggest difference. Not to mention sustaining a fully booked business while life naturally “lifes”.


There’s also a big different between just running on intuition vs having a plan and a strong foundation.


We want both - the space for creativity and intuition, as well as a sustainable system to grow from.


So let’s dive into 6 proven strategies that can help you build a fully booked business on repeat.


It’s going to be juicy!





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