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Busy to Boss Podcast

Feb 1, 2024

ICYMI…from Monday to Friday this week, I'll be celebrating my return from maternity leave with an exciting invitation to work together in some capacity… exciting!
Day 4 is the best one yet. 
The Boss Project is back… with a twist!
Back in June 2023, I ran the original version of The Boss Project where for 30 days, I asked you to commit to your goals on a whole new level. 
It was a transformational programme, and way more successful than I ever thought it could be - the feedback was out of this world (see some screenshots at the end of this email).
The intention behind this offer is this: we think the biggest results come from making the biggest moves. Sometimes that’s true, but most of the time our success comes from the teeny tiny but ever so intentional compounded actions over time.
Last time, the theme of The Boss Project was all about productivity and achieving your goals. This time, it’s ALL about sales and visibility.
Monday to Friday throughout February you'll get a daily audio drop PLUS a sales challenge/content prompt to help you implement what you learn.
Here's a Google Doc with the info you need -
I KNOW this is going to be popular.
Last time I ran it, it was £44.
Today ONLY I'm giving you the whole month for just £24.
Here's the link 😈 -
See you inside.