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Busy to Boss Podcast

Nov 17, 2023

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All too often I find amazing business owners who are fighting burnout simply because they're spending every moment worrying and thinking about their business. 


And with everything we've experienced over the last few years, many of us are starting to feel that burnout. We're starting to feel just this general exhaustion. We haven't had very much fun. It feels like there's always something going wrong in the world, and it starts to really weigh on us. 


So I'm here to tell you that no matter what might be happening in the world, we can still intentionally build out our dream life while we are growing our dream business, especially if we just take a moment and get clarity about what we want to be experiencing right now. 


In part two of the Your 2024 Gameplan series, we’re continuing to create your 2024 game plan by designing your dream life for 2024. 


We're going to lifeproof your business by getting clear about what you actually want to be doing, feeling, having, and experiencing in 2024.


Let’s dive in.


Coach Holly

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