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Busy to Boss Podcast

May 25, 2023

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We are trained to believe that we should sacrifice everything at the altar of making more and more and more money and being more and more and more successful in one area of our life, while completely ignoring what success looks like for our health, our family, our relationships, our friends, our creativity, our spirituality.

All the things that make us feel like us like a fully evolved human.

So, for day 4 of the Abundant Action challenge, I'm sharing a strategy that has made the biggest difference to my life and business: I call it the weekly outline.

The approach to the weekly outline is understanding that if you don't run your week, your week will run you.

But what I want to do in this episode is to share some tips to maximise the creation of your weekly outline.

People are always on the hunt for productivity tips. We want to cram as many tasks as possible into as little time as possible.

But what if I told you that usually backfires? 打

When we overload our schedule and to-do list, we are left feeling burned out and exhausted.

Plus, half the stuff on our to-do lists doesn't get done anyway so...

Keep listening to learn 5 underrated tips that will help you actually get more done without losing your mind.

Let's dive in and I'll see you for day 4 of the challenge.


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