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Busy to Boss Podcast

May 26, 2023

The 30 Day Boss Project runs from 1st - 30th June and the investment is just £44.

Get ready to come behind-the-scenes with me…

I’ve been looking at my numbers and May has been a phenomenal month - a really incredible month for me personally and for the business.

In the last month alone, the business has grown by almost 50% which is just amazing.

Just think about, how open are we to even entertain the question of “what would it look like if I grew my business by 50%, if I doubled the results in my business?” 

How many of us are actually available for that within our awareness? 

That is what we’re going to dive into today, the strategy behind it, the circumstances behind it and how it can be possible for you too. 

Let’s dive in…

Coach Holly

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