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Busy to Boss Podcast

Jun 27, 2024

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In this episode, I have another client case study for you, where I’m breaking down how my client doubled her turnover in a year.


You’ll learn more about their results and strategies to make this happen, as well as get lessons to implement in your own business.


I’m going to walk you through how she achieved this using The Focus Method that I mentor and manage my clients through.


What’s so interesting about this is that we worked together to implement this method into her business to generate these results - and we’re about to do the same again for her next level, next iteration, next phase of business which I’ll also talk about!


We’ll dive into:


  • How to stay the course when you’re in the “messy middle”

  • Why it’s safe to raise your prices (and important to do so)

  • The importance of staying true to who you are and what you preach


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