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Busy to Boss Podcast

Feb 1, 2024

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Welcome to the first episode of a brand new series of the podcast: How To Run Your Business Like a BOSS!


We’re getting started with a big question…


Have you ever fallen out of love with your business? 


You’ll know if you have but it also might disguise itself as other things… it looks like feeling frustrated all the time, things might not be working smoothly, and maybe you even feel like you want to just burn it all down and start again.


Well, good news for you - if you have ever felt this way, it's likely not because you need to start over from scratch, but because you're out of alignment. 


Sounds fluffy? Don’t worry Boss - in this episode, we're going to talk about how you can realign your vision with your business so that you can fall back in love with it again.


We’re going to cover three key areas:


  • Your definition of success - I’ll walk you through 5 different core areas of your life, questions to ask yourself to measure your version of success as well as examples from my own life (I know you love a concrete example!)

  • How to figure out your owner’s intent, so what you want your business to do for YOU personally, what you want it to provide in terms of time, money & energy

  • Your whole business vision in terms of the direction you are going in with your offers, content, systems, etc.


This is a jam packed episodes full of lots of concrete examples!


This will help you SO much in getting realigned in your business and when you feel more aligned, your business becomes more fun. 


And THAT’S when you start to fall back in love because you see that energy, enthusiasm, and excitement come back.


This is my first episode back from maternity leave - I hope you love it!


Let’s dive in.


Coach Holly

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