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Busy to Boss Podcast

Mar 10, 2023

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe that my baby boy is turning two!

Motherhood is moving so fast and honestly, all those crazy cliches about time flying are entirely true, especially as a mum watching her baby transform into a toddler. 

I wanted to record this episode as a little time capsule for me, and an opportunity to reflect - a chance to listen back and hear the growth and the change that's happened to us and for us, as well as an invitation to pause and share some of the behind the scenes of our lives. 

Jacob has taught me so much about life and business during his two short years. By simply existing, he’s transformed who I see myself as and how I want to show up.

Even if you aren’t a mother, I promise this episode will hold nuggets of wisdom for you to glean from my brown eyed curly haired little boy. 

Let’s dive in.


Coach Holly


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